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Course Offering 17/18


Academic Year 17/18


(Course outlines last year can be found by clicking the course code, for reference only)


Last updated: 5 September 2017

 Fall Semester
 Category  Course Code  Course




ECON5100 Mathematics for Business and Economics 3

Prof. ZHOU Lingzhi


 L1 & L2

Microeconomic Analysis 4

Prof. WANG Susheng

(both L1 & L2)


L1 & L2

Macroeconomic Analysis 4
(both L1 & L2)


 L1& L2

Applied Econometrics 4
(both L1& L2)



Financial Economics II: Corporate Finance


Prof. DING Fei
ECON6100T Macroeconomic Analysis of the Chinese Economy 2 Prof. Alicia Garcia Herrero

Winter Semester


 Category  Course Code  Course  Credit  Instructor
Elective ECON6100R Topics in Monetary Policy and Central Banking 2 Prof. LORETAN MIco
Spring Semester


Category Course Code Course Credit Instructor
Electives ECON5120 China in the Global Economy 2 Prof. XIE Danyang
ECON5180 Strategy and Organization 2 Prof. HUA Xinyu
ECON5190 Game and Strategic Behavior 2 Prof. LIM Wooyoung
ECON5330 Information Economics 3 Prof. WANG Susheng
ECON5360 Monetary Economics 3 Prof. ZHU Tao
ECON5370 Using Data for Economics Analysis 3 Prof. SIU Kam Wing
ECON5390 Labor Economics 3 Prof. LEUNG Siu Fai
ECON5420 Topics in Development Economics 3 Prof. VISARIA Sujata


Financial Economics I: Portfolio Analysis 2 Prof. DING Fei
ECON6100X Antitrust Economics and Competition Policy 2
Project ECON6950 MSc Project 4 N/A


Students who are interested to take higher level PhD course might refer to the Department Website for course offering in 17/18.